Extreme Wings

If you haven't seen Damien Hirst's artwork made out of butterfly wings, you can catch up here! Installed in the Gagosian Gallery in LA in 2007, this collection of "paintings" is truly awesome. Hirst has used hundreds of thousands of real butterfly wings to piece together his version of stained-glass windows.

Besides the more benign butterfly wing art, Hirst is also known for his controversial work involving larger dead animals. Perhaps you have heard of his most famous piece, the real dead shark encased in a huge acrylic cube? He uses dead animals to make statements about life and death. His work has sold for millions of dollars, making him the richest living artist.

Perhaps the butterfly wing pieces could be viewed in this way: The butterflies have finished living, but even in a state of death, they continue to "live on", amazing us.

I encourage you to do a Google image search on his work if you have a strong stomach and you want to see something truly unique. In the mean time, enjoy these photos of the butterfly wing pieces.

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