Bug-tastic Wedding Boquet!

On a business note, I need to let everyone know that I have a new last name; instead of Jennings, I'm now known legally as Katie Van Blaricum. I hope that doesn't confuse anyone! Just so everyone knows, it's still the same me, with a new married name! :)

On a totally fun note, I want to share these photographs of my wonderful wedding flowers with fellow bug lovers. I must thank Ashley Winters at Red Door Event and Design (http://www.reddoorevent.com/) for her unique idea to incorporate my insects into the boquet. Here's some pictures!

There were a few big guys in my boquet, including this fabulous Polybothris sumptuosa "gema" from Madagascar. You can see a close-up of this guy at the top of this post.

Can you find the green beetle hidden among these orchids?

Here he is, peeking out!

Last, but not least, here is the lovely weevil (Celebia arrigans) on my husband's boutonniere.
Pretty cool, huh?