New Gallery Piece, "Beetle Spectrum" is finished!

The latest in my Gallery Series, "Beetle Spectrum" showcases a true rainbow of beetles. Nine different beetle species span the spectrum here, beginning with a coppery-brown, and going through red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, silver, and black. 34 individual beetles have been prepared for this piece, including the species: (from top left to bottom right)

Mycteristes rhinophyllus, Indonesia
Heterorrhina leonardi, Red Form, Thailand
Hemipterids from Java
Euchroea auripimenta, Madagascar
Lomaptera lucidula, Indonesia
Eupholus magnificus, Papua New Guinea
Chlorocara africana, Tanzania
Curculionid weevils from Indonesia
Rutelids from Thailand

The wonderful colors of beetles have always amazed me, and I had surprisingly few problems coming up with a beetle for each color of the rainbow here! This piece was inspired by the anonymous quotation “Life is like a rainbow. You need both the sun and the rain to make its colors appear.” This collection will allow you to keep a piece of Nature's rainbow in your home!

I made the checkered background for this piece by weaving together hand-torn strips of artist paper. Framed checkerboard area measures 12x12". Black wooden "shadowbox" style frame measures 15.5" square from edge to edge. Entire piece is about an inch deep and comes ready to hang on your wall. A sheet of glass protects the beetles (it was removed here for photography). There is a key on the back of the piece that tells each beetle species and countries of origin. The piece is also signed on the back.

For more information and to purchase, visit my online store

Something New...

I thought you might enjoy this picture of some beetles all pinned up and ready to dry.  I'm preparing them for a new gallery-style piece that will involve beetles in every color of the rainbow.


Today I took on the project of organizing my "bug room".  I found myself quite amused by the number of beetles I have in my possession.  Perhaps you too will be amused?  The sad thing is, I'm getting ready to make another order!  (Yes, there are things I'm out of!)  Addicted?  No way!!

Is this too many?

Of course, all of these pictures don't include my butterflies.  Those are in another drawer!

Flower Beetles; by far my biggest category

Weevils!  Some of my favorite insects!
Check out these GIANTS!  Those cicadas won't even fit into any of my frames!
One-of-a-Kind Expensive Beetles! (My splurges)

The End!  All organized!

New Beetle and Leaf Necklaces

These real metal-dipped leaves are my favorite new jewelry part!  I made several one-of-a-kind necklaces with them recently, and I think the photos turned out great (thanks husband, for my new camera!).  Check out these beauties, available very soon in my online store!