Today I took on the project of organizing my "bug room".  I found myself quite amused by the number of beetles I have in my possession.  Perhaps you too will be amused?  The sad thing is, I'm getting ready to make another order!  (Yes, there are things I'm out of!)  Addicted?  No way!!

Is this too many?

Of course, all of these pictures don't include my butterflies.  Those are in another drawer!

Flower Beetles; by far my biggest category

Weevils!  Some of my favorite insects!
Check out these GIANTS!  Those cicadas won't even fit into any of my frames!
One-of-a-Kind Expensive Beetles! (My splurges)

The End!  All organized!

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Anonymous said...

WHERE do you get your insects from?! Which supplier...? If you don't mind sharing that is. Love your work