Sep./Oct. Gallery Pieces

I was lucky enough to receive an invitation to our newest local gallery, 6 Gallery in downtown Lawrence, KS. This gallery has 6-8 shows per year, and each show is centered around a different theme. The first theme is "Thresholds", and I made two pieces for the show. To keep with the theme (threshold means change or new beginning), I incorporated cocoons and chrysalides into two butterfly/moth displays. (for those of you who aren't famaliar with the terms, a cocoon is something a moth hatches out of and a chrysallis is what butterflies come out of, in a nutshell) Big thanks goes out to my friend Fred Gagnon of Magic Wings butterfly conservatory in Deerfield, MA ( for providing me with all the wonderful cocoons and chrysalides. Thanks Fred, I couldn't have done it without you!

These pieces are for sale exclusively through 6 Gallery until mid-October. After that, you may be able to purchase them directly from me if they are still available.
Here is the first piece, made with one Atlas Moth (the largest moth species in the world!) and many assorted cocoons. The piece is rather large in size, approx. 18x24", and is entitled "Circle of New Beginnings". It is framed in a cherry wood shadowbox.

The second piece for this show is made with Morpho butterflies (yes, I got off my high horse and used a few!). Because I feel that Blue Morphos are the epitome of your run-of-the-mill butterfly display, I have stayed away from them until now. Since it is my goal to make unique pieces, I knew I could only use the Blue Morphos when I had a special, unique idea for them. I think they work nicely in this piece. They are placed on hand-painted paper, and various butterfly chrysalides are "hidden" throughout. The title of this piece is "Humble Beginnings Remembered", remininding us that even the spectacular Blue Morpho comes from something that looks rather like a worm. It is framed in a black wood shadowbox and measures about 8x20 inches.

Thanks for checking out my pieces, and if you're interested in either of them or would like to see more pictures, please shoot me an e-mail!


Anonymous said...

The Blue Morpho is beautiful. I love the background that they are on. Great job.

Anonymous said...

Well said.