More Martha!

It seems that Martha Stewart really does have a thing for bugs! Here are a few pictures from her latest issue (Oct. '07) showing the use of real insects in flower displays. She says "The insects are (a) nod to the old masters, who viewed them as symbols of transience".

In her first display, you can see that she uses beetles, a butterfly, and even a wasp (I have added the text so you don't miss anything!)

Here, she is using a real, dried beetle on a pomegranate. Below, a wasp alights on a flower stem.

In her second floral display, Martha uses another beetle and a butterfly. I'm really pleased to see all the beautiful beetles! Their appearance is very Victorian, and they look quite formal on her pages.

In another section of the magazine, you can find this page that includes more insects:

In this collection, you can see several natural objects, including butterflies, dragonflies, and beetles. (also on the left is one of my personal favorite orchids, Paphiopedilum!)

All in all, Martha proves that decorating with insects (even crazy ones like beetles and wasps!) is in style! Thanks for reading!

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