New Insect Paintings by Augustina Droze

Check out these fantastically detailed paintings from Chicago Muralist Augustina Droze! Droze has painted many large-scale murals throughout the world, and is now turning her attention to a new, smaller, series of insect paintings.
She says:

I have been fascinated with insects since a very young age. I have always viewed them as beautiful creatures that are misunderstood. My latest series of oil paintings celebrates the unique qualities of insects. Painting has long been a source of mediation to me. Inspired by Buddhist Mandala paintings I am creating mediation rings of insects. The beautiful patterns on the wings and bodies form a hypnotic composition. To me, the act itself of creating these paintings is meditative. The paintings are open to interpretation and some people view them as flowers or kaleidoscopes.

This foray into insect art is a new venture for me. I have been focused for the past ten years on mural painting as the proprietor of Augustina Droze Mural Studio, Inc. My murals can be found around the country in private residences, commercial settings, and public spaces. Many of the scenes have a nature theme and often the subject matter is magnified. I find the natural world fascinating to paint. Go to to see a portfolio of my mural work.

Here is a photo of her working on another new insect piece. I love her attention to detail and the wonderful, bright colors she chooses. The way she captures light on each insect makes them look very real! What do you think the artist is trying to say with this series? I find them speaking to me about the natural beauty that is all around us each day. Seeing through Augustina's eyes, we can all catch a glimpse of nature's color palette.
Please visit Augustina's web page here to see more examples of her inspiring nature murals. You can even hire her to paint a mural for you!

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