I think you'll agree that weevils are the hottest beetle of the year! I've noticed them popping up in several advertisements, other media, and even on book covers! Check out the cover of one of the funniest books ever published, "Dr. Tatiana's Sex Advice to All Creation" by Olivia Judson:

Also, take a peek at the cover of Christopher Marley's fabulous insect calendar for 2008:

Weevils are super-cool, and I've been lucky enough to find four different varieties for my art. Here's just a few pictures of some of my very unique beetles:

One fun fact: If every species of animal and plant were placed next to each other in a line, every 10th animal would be a weevil.

Weevils are very common and are often considered a pest by farmers since they like to eat grains and other plants. Pests or not, you can't deny that they look really cool!

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William Wagner said...

I should read that book. I think it's funny and interesting to read. Those beetles are very unique and beautiful.

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