New Gallery Show!

The theme for 6 Gallery this time around is "O Love, Sweet Animal". Of course, one might think I'm a shoe-in for this theme since I work exclusively with animals, but it really did take some thinking to put bugs and love together! I put a humorous, creative, twist on the theme, and here's what I came up with:

Title: “Love Bites No. 1”
Medium: Dried Insects
Dimensions: 13” (W) x 17” (H)
Price: $400

A delectable study in biodiversity, nine different beetles come neatly wrapped in a luxurious box of “chocolates”. None of the insects have been modified; they are all displaying their natural color.
Beetles used are as follows: going clockwise, starting from the top left:
Goliathus albosignatus, Torynorrhina flammea (blue form), Dichronorhina derbyana, Sagra longicollis (3 color variations), Chrysochroa castelnaudi, Torynorrhina flammea (red form), Polybothris sumptuosa, Rhomborrhina resplendens, Sternocera castanea (center)

Title: “Love Bites No. 2”
Medium: Dried Insects
Dimensions: 13”x13”
Price: $300

A kaleidoscope pattern of Indian Flower Mantises (Creobroter gemmatus) decorates a piece of handmade Japanese Rice Paper. Mantises put a humorous spin on the “O Love, Sweet Animal” theme because of the well-known fact that females often consume the heads of their mates during copulation.

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